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  1. Dominguez Hills Memorial Day Criterium – Brandon Lee

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    I woke up early today at 4:30 AM to get ready for my first Criterium race. I had some oatmeal and fruits in the car as I headed to the Dominguez Hills Memorial Day Crit! It was nice to see five other PAA racers there doing the Cat 5 as...
  2. CBR Memorial Day Cat 3/4 crit – Jason Dovel

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    It’s been almost a year ago since my last criterium race, that resulted in me to go in a hiatus due to my crash from a so called knuckle head that happen to T-bone me. This little incident resulted in me not being able to partake in my only key...
  3. Mulholland Challenge – Rob Richman

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    This was my third time doing the Mulholland Challenge, which is one of the most difficult ‘centuries’ in SoCal.  After signing in, I topped off with a banana and Powerbar gel. I set off with the 7:30 group which contained the eventual winner for the day.  The group was pretty...
  4. Ontario GP Crit Cat 5 and Cat 4/5 by Ethan Zhu

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    CAT 5 Took a good starting line position. Wasn’t exactly prepared either as I had only done 18 miles the day before as my only miles the entire week. I had downed a PowerGel about 10 minutes ago and was taking my second one right at the start line. I...
  5. Roger Millikan Memorial Cat 5 – by Alex Robinson

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    After the nearly 3 hour break between my first 40+ Cat 4/5 race and the start of the Cat 5 race, I was more concerned about how my body would recover from the long break than the exertion of the previous race which had been a challenging.  I decided to...
  6. First Race – ICE Sportswear Crit – by Ethan Zhu

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    A week ago, I was tempted by fellow PAA member Tommy Liao to get into road racing. I succumbed and decided to sign up for the upcoming crit, the ICE Sportswear Criterium held in Carson this past Sunday, February 15th. Training with 83 last minute miles the week leading up,...
  7. UCLA Road Race Cat 4 by Rob Richman

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    Well, I knew going in this was going to really hurt, as this was my third time racing UCLA.   With each year I have added a lap to race and was up to 4 laps of some deep spelunking in the pain cave (50 miles + 5700 elevation gain)....
  8. 2015 PAA Charities of Choice

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    Drum roll please….the 2015 PAA Charities of Choice – as nominated by and voted upon by PAA’s over 350 members – are: Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition ( Mount Wilson Bicycling Association ( Bike San Gabriel Valley ( Each organization will receive $1250 in club financial support to further their bike-related missions....

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