Incycle Hammertime by Shane Edele


Incycle Hammertime

Shane Edele (Cat 1)


Sunday I raced in the Pro Men’s category at the Bonelli Park Incycle Hammertime Triple Crown Series.

Pre race routine consisted of fueling up with some amazing PowerBar Gels and a bar for sustenance.

Race starts off with myself, another pro and another expert category rider off the front with a few seconds on the group. Once we approach the first climb myself and the other pro are off the front leaving everyone approximately 10 seconds behind us. After the climb we approach a rocky down hill section and then a strange sharp turn thats at an angle.  On this turn my chain drops as I try to shift from big ring to small ring.  I immediately get off my bike and 4 other guys pass me about 10 seconds later.  My chain fell off at the bottom of a rocky climb so I spend about 5 – 8 minutes trying to maneuver my way around the other riders on this climb.  Finally I get ahead of everyone and start pulling away trying to catch up to the other pro rider.  Unfortunately the 5 minute gap he got on me was enough to stay away.

So, one of the riders that I passed on the rocky climb is sticking with me for about a lap and a half.  He’s taking pulls on the pavement sections and so am I.  He can’t hang on the climbs.  I eventually pull away from him on the climbs and ride solo for 2 laps.  At the beginning of the second lap my TUBELESS rear tire takes a large burp and spews some stans no tube out the side.  I’m riding at 15 psi for an entire two laps.  The tire was so low I was bouncing on the flats when I would lock out my rear suspension and I could fell the tire get all bunched up if I took a turn to fast – it was a bummer!

I came in second overall with a time of 1 hour and 35 minutes for 4 laps.  The other pro came in at 1 hour and 30 minutes for 4 laps.

Next race is in two weeks and then final race of Trip Crown Series is beginning of November I believe.


Thank you to our PAA/Remax Team Sponsors: Pasadena Athletic Association, Remax Properties: The Loeffler Team, Louis Garneau, and PowerBar.