Master's Power Bar Race Report: San Diego & Dana Point

May 3, 2014

On this Saturday morning I made the trek south to downtown San Diego for the annual Barrio Logan Crit.  I have raced this course for many years and I like coming down to San Diego.  The course resembles a figure eight lay out.  If it was hot in the San Gabrial Valley on this day it was just as hot in San Diego, even near the water!  Not a very large field about 60 45+ starters which dwindled down to about 40 when all said and done.
I had a PowerBar 2 hours before the race and a 1x caffeinated chocolate PowerGel about one hour before starting.  PowerBar offers 2x caffienated products which I have yet to taste and try as I am very sensitive to caffeine and cannot consume on a regular basis 🙁

I was barely able to hang on for 27th. It is a challenge racing againest doper’s! Yes doper’s even in the local master’s 45+, 50+ and beyond?? It would be great to test the top finishes although a very expensive endevour for local races.  Afterward the race I consumed PowerBar Recovery Orange Flavored Drink -which is a life saver after racing on blistering hot days!

26.1 mph avg.
19 miles

May 4, 2014

Sunday morning in dana point I missed the 35+ 3/4 race I pre-reg’d for.  Instead I chose the 45+ which had 80+ starters. I had another PowerBar and another 1x caffienated berry PowerGel before the race.
It was fast and strung out for the most of the race.  There were only two times within the race that the pace slowed.  With two laps to go a few guys went down in front of me and I slammed on the brakes and hit a rear wheel of one of the downed racers.  I was able to stay up and jump back into the pack.
I ending up finishing 57th, happy to have stayed up and completed a fast race.

27.6 mph avg. -my fastest race avg. this year.
20.8 miles

Thank you to the entire PAA Club, it’s members, REMax: Pete and Lisa Loeffler and PowerBar.

Bryan Martinez