PAA Cyclocross Supported By Powerbar

PAA was all over the 2 days of CX racing at spooky-Kross 2014. Highlights included 14 PAA racers including kids and jrs, 5 podium finishers (two 1st pl, one 4th, and two 5th pl), 1 Bat Girl appearance, 3 flat tires, and all powered by our much appreciated team sponsor PowerBar. There is no way I could have made it through 2 hard races Saturday without my PB Harvest Bar inbetween them and a Tangerine gel right before the start. I then turned to ask teammate Mike Szerszunowicz a question but he was too busy completing his race routine of downing a Double Latte gel. Special thanks to Jason and leticia for having the insight to bring a lantern so we could see under the PAA tent, Natalia for bringing donut hand up supplies, and to the rest of the racers for always being so supportive and representing PAA in such a clearly fun and positive manner. Maybe that’s why we’ve had a nice flow of people interested in joining us.