Santa Barbara "Moth balls" Criterium

Sean Hall at the Santa Barbara Mothballs CritI’m Sean, and I wanted to share my thoughts on my races in the Santa Barbara “Moth balls” Criterium. I’m a new cat 5 racer and have only been to 3 races so far. I’m still learning and understanding the do’s and dont’s of Crit racing. I must say that I’ve only been riding for 7 months and in that little time I came across a secret weapon of mine…. The Powerbar
“Energy Blends”.

The first time I took one I was firstly impressed by the taste, secondly by the energy boost, and thirdly that there was no crash. Needless to say the guys I was on the ride with notice a difference in my intensity and asked me to slow down a bit haha! Well to make a long story short, I’ve been using them ever since. I used 1 energy blend for my warm up and one at the line for the start of my race which secured me my first podium placement! 3 place in a cat 4/5 masters isn’t bad. I’m more confident, and knowledge about my own process of racing and now Power Bar is apart of that. Thanx to Nick Humby’s racing clinic, PAA, and Powerbar for helping me secure the win!

– Sean Hall