CBR Memorial Day Cat 3/4 crit – Jason Dovel

It’s been almost a year ago since my last criterium race, that resulted in me to go in a hiatus due to my crash from a so called knuckle head that happen to T-bone me. This little incident resulted in me not being able to partake in my only key race which was the Belgium Waffle Ride. Missing this race was was more important then my resulting injuries for the race. On my way to recovery I had some setbacks, all of which prolonged my return to racing. One of which I am sill not completely healed from is the unexpected encounter with Bambi the deer on my way to a training ride. All, I remember from that ride was being airborne and hitting the asphalt, then taking a glance and watching Bambi scramble away into the trees. Of all things hitting a deer, the road to recovery was taking a different turn. So, time has past and it is Memorial Day 2015, now it was time to get back to racing. I decided that morning it was time to pony up and try my luck in the CBR Memorial Day combined Cat 3/4 crit.

Once arriving I slammed a PowerBar Harvest bar down and rushed over to the signup tent to get myself a spot before the cutoff.
Game time.


Opting not to tow-the-line, I lined up at the end of the pack with the intentions on just sitting in and getting my my feet wet. Well sitting in only lasted for a few laps. I was soon getting to excited thinking this is too easy (calm down Cowboy, lets not get too excited) why is this 3/4 field moving like a Saturday Montrose chit chat ride. Literally people are just chit chatting. then the surging begins first the left side of the pack then the right side then we find our selves in the mist of a race with some of the “Fred’s” hear and there still chatting. So I decided I will just jump to the front and get this party started. Taking my first jump on the right of the pack I get denied, a “Fred” decides to pull out without signaling to let any of of us know he’s had enough and he’s pulling out so a few of us where pinched out to start from the back again. So I go for a second attempt on the third to last lap to get to the front and try to get get some others to take off in small group to see if we can break from the pack. Working my way to the front see a couple of knuckleheads chit chatting on the right. As I pass the two “Fred’s” chatting with one another not even looking forward the “Fred” on my left moves right as I pass him and instinctively I jump out of the saddle and try to sprint away. But its to late I hear his wheel hit my rear wheel then away then back into the rear of my bike. I can distinctly here my rear wheel skewer chopping into his spokes then BAAM, all I hear is the metallic, carbon crunching and his desperate scream of #@%#$% as he hits the asphalt. I continued my sprint to pull away thinking I was safe till the end of the race. So I kept hammering it out the last couple of laps and I begin to notice in the mist of the last lap of chaos that the bike just does not feel quite right I signal to pull out and look at my rear wheel to see a pretty good wobble and decided to stay out and just finish the ride. I did not want to jeopardize the people around me or myself for the matter.