PAA Cat 5s at Jurupa Valley Race

Andrew Lau and I repped the team colors at Jurupa Valley for the Cat 5’s. Andrew came in 6th, and I came in 24th.  This was my first race at the Jurupa Valley course. Overall I liked it. Roads are nice and smooth with a few bumps to keep it interesting. It took a bit to shake the nerves, but once we got going it was smooth sailing. On lap 3 or 4 we had a nice surprise when a big rig with its trailer pulled right out in front of us between turns 2 & 3. Fortunately we were able to slow down in time and avoid a crash. This race I made it a point to stay near the front to avoid any issues. I managed take a few pulls on the front and gained a lot of confidence. With 2 to go, Andrew attacked with a couple other guys, and I followed, but we we’re reeled back in.

By then I was more tired than I anticipated and fell to the back. I almost got dropped but managed to stay with the group. At that point the pack ramped up the speed, and it was a fast finish.
Overall I’m happy with the experience I gained and can’t wait to get back out there.
Thank you to our sponsors: Empire Bikes, Re/Max (Pete, Lisa, & Eddie), Nancy Bond Insurance, Robert K. Shimasaki DDS, Polsinelli Attorneys, Coach Rick Babington, Kevin Knapp Insurance Agent, Matt Construction, Louise Garneau for Clothing and Gear Support, Centric Bicycles, Franco Bicycles, Carole Neary Integrated Health & Wellness, and most importantly the PAA team for the support, training rides, and friendship.  Peace, Chris Famisaran
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