ACH Eastward – PAA Monthly Supported Ride

We had a wonderful day yesterday heading up into the high mountains as a cohesive group.  After 80 RSVP’s the road was full with out PAA riders and their guests.

We started the day with introductions of our Ride Sponsor Around the Cycle and our Ride Leader Russel Burt, SAG Tony Dang and Peter Stark, and most importantly our excellent lunch provider Nancy Dang.  We had a couple of young teenagers and many women riders join in this year, which really rounded out the group.

Then it was off to the mountain.   The group stayed together through about 2/3rds of the 8% starting grade, which was no surprise since people were advised by yours truly to modulate their effort early so they would feel good at the end. (A record 30 made it to Cloudburst this year). then went into a long snake up the mountain in mostly single file.  It felt like we were riding in Scotland with the heavy mist covering most of the mountains. A beautiful site and comfortable riding temperature.

After a quick stop at Clear Creek SAG 1, riders left in various groups up to Red Box, where SAG 2 awaited.  The clouds parted and we were greeting with bright sunshine that would be with us through the day until the final descent back to the city.    There was a big run on bars and bananas,  and I asked riders to get water at the drinking fountain to save water in the jugs for the later stops where we had to carry it.   Some turned up to Wilson Summit to fill out their climbing day, some went back feeling they’d had a good accomplishment making it to Red Box and the rest headed east in small groups after a rest.  By the time we got to Newcomb’s it was mid morning and riders headed up the hill toward Cloudburst, as Tony was delayed in arriving a little cause of problems down the hill at the lunch pickup at the market.  All of the riders in our little group ascended in two’s and three’s and arrived at Cloudburst to Peter Stark SAG,  

It was really something for 30 people to ultimately make it up and there was a long rest all around at the top..  Nick Humby and his riders that had started down at Trader Joe’s also rolled in thirsty and tired.  We found enough water for all and once replenished the trip back was a pleasure as the cloud cover from the San Gabriel valley whisked over the mountains in the most astounding fashion.

I am so pleased with the efforts of our SAG team and lunch team, and all the riders that made it to their chosen destination. Going up a mountain like this is a difficult endeavor but to all that joined in I’m confident that it was worth seeing the city disappear into the clouds as you rode upwards!

All the riders I spoke with were satiated and very pleased with the PAA ride setup.  Even had some guests ready to call and join this coming week.

Thank you all for participating and we look forward to seeing you out next month at the Summer of Love ride on July 14.

Lon B

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