Bear Divide Club Supported Ride

The PAA Club Ride this weekend was a real treat.  Starting the morning with a sense of coolness still in the air we had our our morning briefing.  There many familiar faces of members and guests who turned out to be part of our PAA riding community, and this, only one of two groups who left the park that morning, the faster group to depart a half hour later.

It was a chance to ride on beautiful and quiet roads over Bear Divide (and many who went on to Camp 9) out to Magic Mountain. 

As we crossed the 5 freeway and riding along a new bike path north, I was remembering why it’s so nice to ride and see new places. Usually zipping along the interstate in this area a million times, I never would have caught any of the details that we can from the saddle.

Also sharing this with PAA members that I’d never ridden with before was also part of the discovery that each ride provides us with an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.  This was particularly important as we worked together to make it back along the Old Road with a headwind and after all the climbing was supposed to have finished!  Both groups ended up together for sandwiches and refreshments in the now hot mid day heat.  So the plan worked.

Thank you to Peter Rinde for organizing and providing SAG, helping riders with mechanical on the road, and giving encouragement out his car window on the KOM to Bear Divide as he. Zipped by, promoting the Incycle gift certificates for the winners.   Even though I knew I my fitness and had no chance It was still fun to be part of the the endeavor to get to Bear Divide.

Thank you to Michael Lee for SAG and Hospitality, we were all hungry back at the park. And more than anything thank you for everyone who decided to give the course a whirl in the warmth of a August Sunday with the Club!

If you are looking for another fun ride, we are Scheduled to for our very own Tour de Franco, presented by and starting and finishing at Franco Bikes on September 16th.   This ride features a tour through the fields along Pt Magu, then down PCH.  It all features some good climbs on the way back for our lunch at Franco.

Eventbrite coming soon!

Look forward to seeing our PAA members and guests next month for more exploring in the Santa Monica Mountains.


Lon B

PAA Club Supported rides