PAA Road Team @ Santa Anita Crit

The PAA Road Team Cat 4 and 5. 

This past Sunday, members of the PAA Road team represented at the new Santa Anita Criterium hosted by Majestic Cycling. The race was held in Parking Lot B of the Santa Anita park with a good course layout, including a chicane and a 180 degree turn. It being a parking lot it included lots of debris (broken glass) and a couple sandy areas which made for interesting race moments.

Michael Lee and Connor Jones raced in the Category 5 event, this being Connor’s first race. Michael finished 14 while Connor finished 24 out of 30 participants.

Francisco Chamorro and Peter Dixon raced in the Category 4 events, with Peter having a crash on the penultimate corner of the last lap ruining his chances for a sprint finish. 15 and 17 place finishes for each racer out of 26 participants.

The next race is the CBR Upgrade Series on Sunday Oct 14th.

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PAA Road Team

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Photo credit: Daisuke Kanamatsu