Team Clothing / Gear

Club Gear and Clothing

Each year the club orders custom designed clothing for the following year. We try to develop a design that we use for a two-year period. Clothing orders are generally taken in Fall for delivery in late Winter or early Spring of the following year. We typically do a reorder by “mid-season” for new members and additional requests. Watch the clothing inventory list for details.

How to Order Club Clothing

All PAA club clothing orders will be offered online once or twice a year. We try to buy extras so we have some inventory to last throughout the year (see below). Check below for the latest list of unsold clothing inventory. If you have any questions, please email Eddie Ramirez at


Please do not contact LG for any problems with your kit! Instead, send your email to us at

Contact: to arrange for purchase and pickup.

2017 Clothing Designs


Men’s Clothing
Type Cost Size & Quantity
Slick Jersey  $85 Med-2
Equipe HiViz Pro Jersey  $67 SM-4, Med-6, L-2, XL-1
MTB Unisex Jersey  $45 Med-3, LG-1
Sport Jersey  $55
Power Bibs (5-motion)  $95 SM-4
Power Bib (Airgel)  $90 SM-5, Med-8, L-3, XL-1
Power Shorts (5-Motion)  $80 SM-1


Women’s Clothing
Type Cost Available Sizes
Equipe HiViz Pro Jersey  $67  XS-1, SM-1, Med-1,LG-2
Slick Jersey  $85 LG-1
Power Bib (5-motion)  $95 LG-3
Power Bib (Airgel)  $90
Power Shorts (5-motion)  $80  SM-3, Med-1, L-2, XL-1


Type Cost Available Sizes
Jacket  $85 SM-2, Med-2
Vest  $65 Sm-2, Med-3, L-1, XL-1
Long Sleeve Jersey  $70  XSM-1, SM-1, Med-1, XL-1
Arm Warmer  $25  Sm-2, Med-5, L-1, XL-1
Knee Warmer  $30 LG-1
Gloves  $25 XS-1,SM-4, Med-5, LG-3, XL-2
Caps (one size fits all)   $20  7
Socks  $8  S/M & L/XL
 Socks Tall/Short (limited sizes)  $5  2014 Kit (but matches well)


Other Accessories
Type Cost Available Sizes
LG Quartz Helmet (Black/Blue) $50 S-2,M-1
LG Mini Race Saddle Bag $15 One Size (3)
LG Little Race Saddle Bag $17 One Size
LG Leg Warmers $17 XL-2
LG Blast Road Glove $15 S-3, M-2
LG Arm Coolers $17 S-2, L-1
LG Arm Black Warmers $15 XS-1, XL-1