PAA Racer of the Month – Rob Richman



May 2014

We all know Rob’s one of the nicest guys in the peloton, but this year he’s showed us all he has no problem putting the hurt on his competitors with a string of great results.

Rob doesn’t just ride and race for PAA, he also runs the club’s website and helps with all the other IT related tasks the club needs.

We asked him a few questions to try and get to know him better.


Nickname? Bobby G, but only guitar players from Newcastle call me this.


Who/what inspired you to start cycling?

Exploring the Hollywood Hills with friends on my first MTB

First bike? Schwinn with a banana seat and ‘sissy bar’


Childhood hero? The Six Million Dollar Man and John Lennon


What do you love most about cycling? Riding in the mountains, road or dirt, and a cold recovery beer.


Favorite race? I have a love/hate relationship with racing, but I suppose Boulevard has been my overall favorite race thus far. Riding with 3 other teammates at/near the front for the whole race was pretty cool.


Favorite ride? See Canyon, S.L.O.


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? I distract myself from the pain by attempting to do math and sometimes write very bad poetry based on current location.


Racing career highlight? Finishing 2nd place at Vlees De Huis Road Race


Job away from cycling? Graphic Designer & Bass Player


Other interests? German Expressionism, Skiing, Akira Kurosawa, Basketball and of course my kids.


Favorite film? The Big Lebowski


Favorite music? I like everything from Bach, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Jaco, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley to Bad Brains, Fear and NIN.


Favorite food? Japanese


Most famous person you’ve met? Michael Jackson


Best Advice? “Have a good time, all the time”


PAA’s Racer of the Month award is voted for by PAA’s racers.