PAA Racer of the Month – Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall

Jan – Feb 2016

With 2 wins, 3 podiums and 9 top tens from his 10 race starts this year, Ben’s been in the thick of it virtually every race he’s entered and just received his category upgrade.  We are sure he’ll be making a mark in his new category too.

We asked him a few questions to try and get to know him better.


Nickname? My dad calls me Mr. B. My girlfriend sometimes calls me Benny Boy. So no, I don’t have any approved nicknames


Who/what inspired you to start cycling? I raced triathlon in college and once I graduated I loved being able to explore on the bike and started racing to test myself and because I’m too competitive not to


First bike? Hand-me-down blue Huffy. Probably weighed as much as I did. FIrst road bike was a frankenstein creation put together with mismatched parts off craigslist and ebay


Childhood hero? Jerry Rice, who taught me that if you can touch it, you can catch it!


What do you love most about cycling? How much you can see and experience in a day using only your own power


Favorite race? UCLA road race. My alma mater, my first ever race, and a good early season fitness test (to put it lightly)


Favorite ride? Griffith park when traffic is light, with Mt. Wilson a close 2nd


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? I know I’m going to think back on it afterwards and wish I’d gone harder, so I dig deep so my future self doesn’t have anything to complain about.


Racing career highlight? Sweeping the podium at the Vlees Huis Road Race with Brandon and Joel. Plus the cleaver trophy was pretty rad. It occupies a place of great esteem in my house.


Job away from cycling? JPL engineer


Other interests? Soccer, eating, refusing to make my bed


Favorite film? Forrest Gump


Favorite music? Still thinking about Forrest Gump, and that has some pretty rockin music in it. But my favorites lately have probably been Hozier and Cold War Kids


Favorite food? Thai food, or maybe a really good burger…with avocado….and bacon….and ok I changed my mind sorry Thai food it’s cheeseburgers. Final answer


Most famous person you’ve met? Bill Nye the science guy! I got him to sign a picture of his face for me.


Best Advice? The only way to know if you’re strong enough is to go for it. Whether entering your first race, trying to hold someone’s wheel on a climb, or taking a flyer on a solo attack, worst case, you get dropped and got a great workout. Some people pay hundreds of dollars a month for gym memberships to get that.


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