PAA Racer of the Month – Ronnie Toth


April 2015

#Beastmode. It’s said pretty often in cycling circles but with Ronnie, it’s his MO. Whether he is drilling it on the front at the Rose Bowl, stringing them out at the weekend crit or killing the Strava KOM’s at Belgian Waffle Ride, Ronnie only knows one speed: flat out; and you can bet it’s going to hurt like crazy if you try and keep up with him.


We sat down with him to find out what makes him tick.

Nickname? Nickname? Tothinator, Mr Thrive On, Tothy, #comatocomeback


Who/what inspired you to start cycling? My parents toted me around on the back of their bikes as they toured the coast. Consequently my first word was “bike.” I started racing bmx when I was 4. Bmx led to soccer, which led to running, then Ironman Triathlons, and then to categoried road cycling and 12 hour mountain biking


First bike? Huffy for Christmas of 1991


Childhood hero? Mother Theresa and Heidi Baker


What do you love most about cycling? Exhausting my own personal human potential, ripped my own legs off, and the resulting endorphins that ensue.


Favorite race? Belgian Waffle Ride


Favorite ride? Up the dirt on a road bike at Chaney trail in Pasadena to the tunnel just before Red Box, descend the 2 then drop down into JPL, lot of fun on skinny tires


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? I picture how hard it was coming back from being in a coma after a bad crash at MBGP 2014 and I channel the gratitude I have to be able to run this race of life with a healthy body and strong mind. I also took only cold showers from 1999 to 2010 to cultivate resilience so I feel that gives me a mental edge.


Racing career highlight? Going from Cat 4 to cat 1 in 3 months and then earning the King of the Mountain polka dot Jersey at the Belgian Waffle Ride despite being crashed out of the lead group at mile 75.


Job away from cycling? Public Relations/Marketing


Other interests? Kayaking, trail running, open water swimming, sushi, and hot tubbing


Favorite film?
Favorite music? Aviici is my go to Pandora suffer fest training music but I have an eclectic taste for anything with intelligible lyrics


Favorite food? Soosh


Most famous person you’ve met? Neil Patrick Harris and Sylvester Stallone


Best Advice? Life can beat us up, and people may not remember the things you say but they will certainly remember the way you made them feel. So speak life, and hope, for the world can be dark and bland, thus it needs salt and light 🙂


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