PAA Racer of the Month – Terry Crouse


January/February 2015

A new year and a new Racer of the Month. Our cross team has been killing it recently and two standout performers are the Father and Daughter combo of Terry and Emily Crouse, our joint Racer of the Month award winners for January-February 2015. Terry told me the only way he gets to see her daughter these days was to take up riding, no wonder he’s is so fast!
We asked him our usual ROTM questions to get to know him better

Nickname? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.


Who/what inspired you to start cycling?

Cross training for better motocross fitness.

First bike? An old Giant with 3 chain rings & it was way too big.


Childhood hero? Muhammad Ali. He could sting like bee and I thought that was cool.


What do you love most about cycling? The sound of a hundred tires buzzing around me and the “chit chat” heard from arriere du peloton.


Favorite race? CXLA because I love Griffith Park.


Favorite ride? Bud’s ride on Wednesdays at Bonelli Park.


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? I follow advice from an old friend that told me “sometimes you have to hit yourself over the head with a hammer & just keep going!”


Racing career highlight? 4th at 12 hrs of Temecula. I was sore for a week & finally shaved off my good luck mustache.


Job away from cycling? Union Electrician


Other interests? Vintage Italian scooters.


Favorite film? Snatch.


Favorite music? Anything ska sounding, especially with brass.


Favorite food? My Grandma’s huevos rancheros of course!


Most famous person you’ve met? Pee Wee Herman. I did some electrical work at his home in the Hollywood Hills.


Best Advice? Keep tan lines razor sharp.


PAA’s Racer of the Month award is voted for by PAA’s racers.