Local Rides

PAA Cycling Montrose RideMontrose Ride


When: Every Saturday, 52 weeks a year
Start Location:

      • Fast Ride:  8:10 AM Descanso Gardens, 8:25 AM South Pasadena Trader Joe’s
      • Tempo Ride:  8:00 AM South Pasadena Trader Joe’s
      • Endurance Ride: 7:45 AM South Pasadena Trader Joe’s

Long loop distance: 55 miles to Sierra Madre
Short loop distance: 40 miles to Sierra Madre
(Subtract 8 miles if you start from Trader Joes)
Skill level:
Cat 5 and up


Either start from in front of Descanso Gardens which is just south of the 210 Fwy near Angeles Crest exit and just east of the north end of the 2 Fwy… or start from the Trader Joe’s in S. Pasadena on Mission just west of the intersection with Orange Grove.


This is a large pack; usually 100-300 riders. From Descanso Gardens down through the Rose Bowl and out past the Aquatics Center along the narrow twisty road to Trader Joe’s. Then out Huntington, South on Santa Anita, east on Live Oak and Arrow Highway and north on Cerritos Blvd where the ride splits up into a long loop and a shorter loop. The shorter loop goes up to Foothill and then heads east again to the San Gabriel River.

The Longer loop keeps right onto Gladstone to San Dimas Blvd., north to Foothill and then heads east about a mile before heading north into Glendora and works its way to where Glendora Mtn. Rd. starts. The ride heads east (without taking GMR) and joins up with the route of the short loop on Foothill in Irwindale. It goes north on Encanto Pkwy., West on Royal Oaks, north on Santa Anita and west on Grandview to Baldwin.

There is a re-grouping and socializing in the little triangular park in Sierra Madre and everyone finds their own way back to where they started at their own pace.

On the short loop there is one short hill about 3/4 of the way (called Bradbury) that might get an inexperienced rider dropped, but you’ve mostly made it by then. On the long loop, there are a couple more short hills, and the long loop often has fitter riders and often is very fast.

PAA Cycling ClubVelo Pasadena Ride

AKA: Tour of Sierra Madre
Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:00pm
Start Location: Velo Pasadena – 2562 Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA
From the 210 fwy, exit Sierra Madre Blvd. go south to Colorado then east to the bike shop.
Distance: +/-30 miles; @ 1.5 hours
Recommended Skill Level: Cat 5 and Up
Intensity: Medium-Hard


Starts at the parking lot near/behind 2562 E. Colorado Blvd. The ride heads south to Huntington, east on Huntington keeping south of Santa Anita Horse Track, goes near REI store and up into the hills above Sierra Madre. It regroups at top of climbs and descends down and over to New York, up Altadena Dr. into the hills and climbs over to top of Lake Street. It regroups there as well. Some call this the end of the ride and others descend down Loma Alta to the Rose Bowl and back to Velo Pasadena. There are 2 major climbs in the ride. During the winter you’ll need to bring lights.

PAA Cycling ClubCherry Canyon

Start Location: Descanso Gardens
From the entrance to Descanso Gardens head east (either by bike or car) and take your first right – then your first left – then your first right and head up the paved hill till you come to the gate at the fire road.

Ride Description

A mix of several fire roads and trails which cross each other in several places within a relatively confined area of beautiful hills between La Canada, the 2 Glendale Freeway and the 134 Freeway. The trails described below are relatively easy singletrack but not without technical challenges. There are many ways to connect the various trails and fire roads most of which can be ridden in either direction, but below is one way which will give a good introduction to the variety.

Recommended Route

Go up the fire road a few hundred feet and turn right onto the first trail you come to. Ride up it till you come out onto a fire road. Follow the fire road up to your first fire road 3 way intersection and take a left. Go down that fire road till you see a trail which goes off to your right.  Take that single track which is slightly down hill. It starts out fairly wide as if it once was a fire road. It will deposit you onto another fire road. Go downhill just a couple hundred feet on the fire road and take a single track to your right. Follow that singletrack downhill through the trees until it ends after a brief uphill on pavement near a fire road gate. This is an alternate place to park a car to access the area.

Ride uphill through the gate on the fire road all the way up past where you got onto the last singletrack until you come to a saddle with several fire roads intersecting. Bear left and go further up hill on the fire road and you will come to an open area and intersection. Bear right, uphill and go up further to another open area just below the towers.  From this higher open area head east and dowhill on a short fire road which ends at a gate, but before the gate and just after a picnic bench you will turn sharp left onto a singletrack.

Follow this trail until it has an uphill of a couple hundred feet and comes out on a ridge with a view of some houses to the east. Go right – down hill a short distance then uphill a little then take a left on a marked trail. Stay on this trail. There are a couple intersections with other trails which either go up or down but don’t take them. At the intersections take the trail which more or less keeps the same level. Eventually you will come out at the fire road intersection saddle where you climbed past earlier.

The end of the single track points you to the west and just keep going on that fire road which starts slightly uphill.  The first left you come to goes to a wide single track that has some steep downhill switchbacks and ends up just west of the entrance to Descanso Gardens.  Keep left after ignoring the first left and you will end up under the power lines where you first came onto fire road after your first uphill singletrack. The fire road ends and singletrack continues. Take that same singletrack downhill (easy and fun) back to the fire road just above the gate where you first left the pavement.

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