Road Rides

PAA Cycling Club Road RidesClub Rides:

PAA organizes many road rides, and our members organize and participate in many informal rides.  PAA members have a huge number of rides to choose from, some of the rides the club organizes are:

  • Regular club supported rides – at least monthly, different routes for experienced riders, often with sag support and generally with options to cater for different ability levels
  • Monthly meet and greet rides – for new riders/members
  • Challenge rides – for stronger riders and racers
  • Numerous other organized rides throughout the year including the Summer of Love Ride, Tour de Sponsor
Club members also organize many informal rides through our club forums/groups.  These include:
  • Tuesday night mountain bike ride
  • Thursday night ShLoC ride
  • Ladies Mountain Bike Rides
  • Sunday ShLoC ride
Check the Calendar for upcoming rides

Endurance Rides:

PAA has a thriving Endurance Team, who are regular attendees at all the major Century and Grand Fondo rides in the region.  The team will organize training rides leading up to big events to help prepare the team.  The team has its own forum/group through which rides are often organized.

Race Team:

PAA’s race teams often organize rides outside of the racing season with the aim of preparing riders for the season and getting to know your teammates.  The teams have their own forums/groups through which rides are organized.

Click here for more info on PAA’s racing teams