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  1. Cajon Pass Circuit Race by Peter Rinde

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    Cajon Pass Circuit Race Peter Rinde (Cat 4/5) After nearly 5 months since the shoulder injury resulting in an AC separation, it was time to get back into my inaugural year of racing.  As far as timing goes, it just chanced that getting the ok to race coincided with the...
  2. 805 Criterium Weekend by Bernard Labansat

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    805 Criterium Weekend Bernard Labsansat (Cat 3)   So it’s been two weeks now from when I last raced my three day race weekend at Lompoc for California’s Criterium State Championships.   I was Nervous on Friday afternoon, mostly because I wanted to do well that weekend but also because I...
  3. Torrance Crit by Mitchell Rattanavipapong

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    Mitchell Rattanavipapong Torrance Crit (Cat 4)   The day started early, not as early as the Cat 5 races but early nonetheless, and I was carpooling with Teammate/Capt Tommy. We drive out at about 7:30 am and get to the races about an hour later. Plenty of time to prepare,...
  4. Vlees Huis Road Race by Rob Richman

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    Rob Richman (Cat 5) Vlees Huis Road Race   Into the Meat House… Vlees Huis Ronde – a rather Dutch sounding name for an exceptionally non-Euro portion of California, the outskirts of Bakersfield to be not too exact. It means something along the lines of ‘meat house’, hence the meat...
  5. LA Circuit Race by Dante Chambers

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    Dante Chambers LA Circuit Race (Cat 5) The LA Circuit race is approximately 4 miles with two tight turns, and the cat 5 racers would be doing 4 laps of the circuit. These turns would make for an extremely boring race from a course review standpoint. It’s often said that...
  6. Sea Otter Classic XC by Roy Palad

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    Roy Palad Sea Otter Classic XC (Cat 3 48-49 Men) Always exciting to come to Monterey for this big bicycle venue. I would like to thank Ana and Allen for their support towards my preparation before the race. Also thanks to PAA members James Sabelis and David Turner for providing...
  7. L’Etape du California by Peter Rinde

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    L’Etape du California Peter Rinde Sure, strictly speaking, L’Etape du Ca is not a typical race.  The overall event is timed, and this year, included a climb famously known as the ‘Rock Store’ climb in its 4 loops of a 22 mile route along Mulholland.  The climb was fairly tough at 7.3% average grade for 2.3...
  8. San Dimas Stage Race by Bernard Labansat

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    Bernard Labansat (Cat 3) San Dimas Stage Race Let me begin with this, I had planned to race as a Cat 4 for San Dimas stage race, but life has its way of arranging things for me. So, with that being said, I had to race San Dimas as a...
  9. San Dimas Stage Race By David Kennedy

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    David Kennedy (Cat 4) San Dimas Stage Race After a disappointing finish to last year’s race I was looking forward to a strong weekend of racing.  I arrived early Friday morning to the time trial start hoping to get a good warm up in and fuel up using a pack...
  10. Kenda Cup #4 by Torsten Zorn

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    Torsten Zorn (MTB) Kenda Cup #4     0.01s.  1 one hundredth of a second.  That’s how close I was to getting my first bicycling race win.  According to the race organizers, it was the closest finish they’d seen at a cross-country race in the series history.  The longest running,...

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