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The PAA WoW (Women on Wheels) mission is to provide all types of opportunities for women road and mountain cyclists, from beginners to experts. The PAA WoW group is part of PAA Cycling and is open for women of all ages and skill levels who share an enthusiasm for cycling. We make it easier to find compatible women riders by scheduling monthly group rides and events. With fun and fitness in mind, PAA WoW rides encourage a safe and supportive environment without external pressures. 

**PAA WoW is not organizing or participating in any group rides, clinics or events at this time.**


PAA WoW offers monthly no-drop road cycling rides year-around in the San Gabriel Valley area. Our goal is to be surrounded by women who share the same passion, sparking new friendships and increase PAA membership and involvement through club activities. We also offer a wide range of skills, maintenance and sponsor clinics that help improve knowledge of bike maintenance, fitness, and skills clinics designed specifically for females.

We help beginners break into road cycling, mountain biking and racing, as well as enable the continued improvement of riding skills of all levels of participants. PAA WoW promotes women’s cycling for all ages to encourage self-improvement and confidence in themselves and others which can relate to skills used in everyday life.

With our group, we want to encourage more women cyclists to participate in PAA’s monthly Club Supported Rides (CSR), Endurance Team and Race Teams (once it is safe to do so).


Once it's safe to do so, PAA WoW will meet the last Sunday of each month, at a predetermined location, divide into categories, ride, socialize and have fun encouraging each other and improving our riding skills. 

Each group has a leader who knows the route and can assist you - we are all volunteers hoping to make your riding experience fun, safe and enjoyable. 

Beginner: This group is designed for females with limited riding experience, has been riding for less than one year, and doesn't ride very often. This group always has a ride leader and the pace is slower with less miles (8-15 miles) and less climbing. There are frequent stops and plenty of time to re-group and catch your breath. 

Intermediate: This group is designed for females who have been riding for a couple of years or have been riding consistently and can ride 20 - 25 miles in a given ride. This group has a ride leader and rides at a moderate pace with some climbing. This group is best for those that can ride in a group safely and ride close together. There are fewer stops, but will stop to re-group.

Advanced: This group is designed for females who can ride 30+ miles in a given ride at a moderate or fast pace with fewer stops and with climbing. Generally, the riders in this group are technically competent and aerobically fit. 


Cycling helmet is required. Each rider will need to bring a few essentials on each ride, including a Flat Pack. A Flat Pack is in case you get a flat tire - because we have limited space in our jerseys and on our bikes, we can’t carry extras. 

What’s in a Flat Pack:

• A spare tube sized to fit your size tire

• Tire levers (we suggest two levers)

• Patch Kit

• Co2 Cartridges

• Multi-tool

• Saddle Bag or Pouch for your jersey

Other Items to Bring:

• Bars, gels, and other snacks to refuel on the ride - bonking is no fun!

• Always bring enough water

• Cash, credit cards and driver’s license

Where to Buy These Items:

Check out our fantastic sponsors, tell them PAA WoW sent you and they will help you get ready for our rides:

• Around the Cycle -

• InCycle -


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