Order your 2015 PAA Kit Now!

The 2015 PAA Kit Order on-line store is NOW open.

2-step process

Step 1 – (Pre-order) is for you to load the items you are planning to buy (you can add/remove items from your cart up until closing date 11/02/14). This will help us gather totals and/or know whether minimums will be met on all items before signing a contract.

Step 2 – At a later date (shortly after 11/02/14), you will receive a separate email letting you know to log back in to pay/finalize for your cart (order/items). Make sure to print your order confirmation – this will be necessary at clothing pick up. If your cart/order is not paid for by close date, your items will not get ordered!

Happy Shopping!



If schedule stays on time – clothing will arrive mid-January.