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The Pasadena Athletic Association (PAA) is a cycling club of over 300 members.

Rides For All

PAA supports rides for riders
of all abilities.


Dirt, Road, Track, Junior,
we do it all!

The Pasadena Athletic Association (PAA) is a cycling club of over 300 members based in the San Gabriel/San Fernando Valley area centered around Pasadena. Teams have raced under the PAA banner since the 1960’s. Though PAA has primarily been known as a masters racing team, the club has morphed into a broad organization representing all types and levels of riders.

PAA boasts current and past members who have won state, national, and international championships on the road, track, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. In 2006, PAA helped launch the PAA Pro team made up of racers competing at the elite level on the road. Additionally, PAA has a structured program of coached rides and clinics available to all its members. So if you’re interested in competing at an elite level on the road or just interested in learning how to be a better rider while making friends we welcome you to join PAA!

The Pasadena Athletic Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purposes are to provide bicycle racing and bicycling activities for the enjoyment of its members, promote bicycling as a sport, and generally advance the interests of bicycling through organized races, coaching and training events.

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