Tour of the Gila – Stage 1 Race Report from Torsten Zorn

Torsten Zorn

Alright, stage 1 in the books and bad news/good news. Bad news is I had a disappointing finish in 20th place. Good news is I’m only 1m 44s back from the GC leader and 1minute back from top-5. It’s going to be tough to pull that back but stranger things have happened. Started out feeling strong and perhaps a bit too cocky doing too much work in the front. Last 5 miles was a 7-8% up hill finish and the pace was absolutely ballistic at the beginning. Stayed with the lead group for a bit, got out of the saddle to try and respond and both my thighs just completely cramped. I literally had to stop pedaling and almost fell over. Pulled it back together but had to take it muy tranquilo.

After the race, drove stage 2 and it’s going to be a doozy. Another 75miles but with more climbing. Never have done a race with these kind of descents as well. Single lane steep through the trees switch backs, its going to be crazy and will split up the race for sure in combination with the climb leading up to it.

One thing I didn’t anticipate is just how busy a weekend like this actually is and I’m really grateful to have some help with the parents. It’s seems like every minute is consumed with preparation for today’s race or tomorrow. Easy spins to warm-up, Easy spins for recovery, eat, drink, plan feed zones, stretch, roller, nap, logistics. It’s pretty all consuming. That’s all for now. Good night. I’m freaking beat and it’s only day 1 … geez.