Summer of Love Ride 2017

It began as it usually does…with Lisa, one of SOL’s founders, checking riders in.  Group picture and the 7th annual Summer of Love ride is off.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who made the ride a success both on the road and off… beginning with Craig who became the keeper of all things SAG and Johanna, another SOL founder, who put together the sumptuous lunch we ate at mile 64.  The SAG was led by Leticia and Blair, both seasoned veterans.  Randy did his usual amazing mechanical work managing to find a chain that would fit a drive train with nine rear cogs.  Then there were the new roadies Joe, Jon, and Chris whose enthusiasm, flexibility, and commons sense kept us fed, moved clothing and riders in need of rest forward, helped with flats and secured a great parking place for the truck in Santa Barbara. Zowie!

Which brings us to Peter.  While together we loaded the truck and delivered the bicycles safely back to Glendale it was Peter who had to push his legs and lungs to their limit in order to arrive in SB ahead of the rest of us to get the truck and to add a few extra Strava miles his yearly total.  Peter was also the glue that pulled all of this together.

Then there is Eddie who lead on the road and Pete who shepherded all back on the train (did he manage an ice chest this year?) even if it did arrive a bit late?  Quite a group, really!!!    All a pleasure to work and ride with.

Finally Kudo’s to all who rode.

As in years past if you were part of the ride or even if you weren’t we can always use suggestions as to how to make this ride and others like it better.


And now…relive the ride!!!  (Thanks to Strava, Abel, and Eddie)