PAA Racer of the Month – Linda Stark


May – June 2015

The 2015 PAA women’s team was rejuvenated in 2015 and Linda has been a big part of it, so much so she has recently stepped up to become co-captain of the team. Linda has raced all season consistently posting solid results, including a podium and eight top tens in May and June, rightly earning her the title of PAA’s Racer of the Month.


We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Nickname? No nickname.


Who/what inspired you to start cycling? I just liked group riding when I tried it.


First bike? Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed (I pounded that thing gloriously around the city of Chicago for 2 years when I lived there after college)


Childhood hero? Cher when she was on “Sonny and Cher” ☺


What do you love most about cycling? The whirring sound and flow of the peloton.


Favorite race? Barrio Logan crit – what a rush!


Favorite ride? The Montrose ride (even though I hate it ½ the time)


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? By focusing forward.


Racing career highlight? San Dimas Stage Race 3/4 2015. I was so nervous for that and so proud for finding my race legs!


Job away from cycling? 6th grade public school teacher, Alhambra Unified School District


Other interests? Reading novels, Scandal, Game of Thrones, House of Cards – binge watching Netflix, and costume dramas, and my 3 cats.


Favorite film? The Graduate


Favorite music? Taylor Swift, Genesis – giving away my age! Oh, already did that with Cher Bono! ☺


Favorite food? Grilled chicken thighs


Most famous person you’ve met? Keanu Reeves (I used to work in the film industry)


Best Advice? Keep doing what makes you happy – even if it’s really difficult sometimes!


PAA’s Racer of the Month award is voted for by PAA’s racers.