PAA Racer of the Month – Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson

Oct – Dec 2015

Sue closed out the 2015 cyclocross season with 3 wins, 10 podiums and 14 top tens, Sue also won the Socalcross Prestige series in the Women’s 45+. She also rides one of the prettiest bikes on circuit – check it out, she was on the cover of Road Bike Action magazine riding it; it’s that pretty!


We asked her a few questions to get to know him better.

Nickname? Sue Sue (it’s what the kids in family call me)


Who/what inspired you to start cycling? Bob Shimasaki…I joined his spin class one day long ago and he asked if I’d like to join him and some friends on a ride.  So I did, and that was that!


First bike? Big Wheel from Santa (my sister heard them building it)


Childhood hero? Hmmmm


What do you love most about cycling? The people you meet along the way!


Favorite race? Naked crow…fastest I’ve ever ridden to top of Ken Burton and finished at horse stables …won $100 in one dollar bills


Favorite ride? Favorite ride … soooo many, can’t pick one!


How do you keep going when you are on the limit? Swing by Donut man for tiger tail


Racing career highlight? Won state mtn bike champs several years ago…raced on borrowed pedals since I forgot mine, broke seat clamp so it kept dropping, crashed, and could see my competition closing in as I started to cramp!  So happy to finish…then realized it was a dude with ponytail that I thought was 2nd place gal…she dropped out after first lap!  I race with glasses now J


Job away from cycling? Clinical Nurse Manager for Trauma Services and Intensive Care Unit at Huntington


Other interests? Cooking, gardening, traveling, the list goes on and on…


Favorite film? Wizard of Oz…it’s all about the shoes!


Favorite music? Anything live…but living with a 92 yr old, American Classics are routinely heard throughout the house.


Favorite food? Tacos…it was suggested by a family member that I serve them for dinner too often.  I don’t get it?  Like that’s a problem or something…


Most famous person you’ve met? John Wayne…Harrison Ford


Best Advice? Keep pedaling


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