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PAA Board of Directors

PAA is served by a Board of Directors who serve a two-year term and are elected by a vote of the membership at the November meeting for the following calendar year. In addition to duties assigned by the bylaws, Board members also serve other duties within the club.

Dennis McCullough | President

My claim to fame is my birthplace, Punxsutawney, PA…Home of the Groundhog.  As a child we moved a few times before settling in the Midwest.  As an adult my wife and I settled in Chicago and worked in the theatre community for several years before transplanting to Los Angeles where I began producing commercials.   I’m a resident of South Pasadena and over the years I’ve participated in a few sports, several 5/10k races and a marathon before discovering cycling.  I’m loving it.  I suppose I’m one of the new wave of MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra).  I’ve been cycling for about 4 years now. I enjoy road biking and manage to get in at least 3 rides per week.  PAA has given me the support to push my abilities and raise my consciousness about cycling as well as develop a network of fellow cyclist who also do not fear lycra.

Peter Rinde

Peter Rinde | Vice President

Peter developed his love for road cycling after the 2012 Pasadena Triathlon, in which he borrowed a friend’s bike for the cycling segment. He promptly gave up spin classes (except for inclement weather days), purchased his 1st road bike, and joined PAA a few months later. “For me, PAA possesses the wonderful combination of avid cyclists, of all abilities and interests, coupled with the desire to share the sport of cycling with the community.” Peter endeavors to pass his passion for cycling to his two daughters.

Jim Small | Treasurer

Born in Pennsylvania, moved to California when I was about 3 years old, spent early years riding BMX, then graduated to motorcycles and raced motocross for about 7 years traveling throughout California. Switched to road bikes in the early 1980’s and have enjoyed riding ever since. Employed as a CNC Machinist and enjoy my job immensely.

Nick Humby |Race Director

Racing his friends round the block when he was a kid ignited a lifelong love of all things cycling for Nick.  After joining his local cycling club, he raced on the road for several seasons before his racing career was cut short by health issues.  Nick gave up competitive cycling, but continued to ride and when the newly invented sport of mountain biking came along (yes he really is that old), he quickly transferred over to riding on the dirt, travelling far and wide in search of the perfect trail.  Since becoming a family man, he has returned to riding and racing road bikes, and following a move to the Pasadena area, joined PAA in 2011.  Nick’s passion for cycling is still strong and as a Certified USA Cycling Coach, he endeavors to help new and aspiring racers within the club.

Blair Callicott | Membership Coordinator

I got back into cycling to get some exercise as I really do hate running. I started with a mountain bike and eventually decided that one bike wasn't enough and learned to love riding road as much as I do mountain biking. As a bit of a computer nerd I decided to take on the membership duties and continue in that role today.

Lon Bender

I began my long relationship with cycling as a young teenager, racing in the 1970’s on the track and road. I grew up in southern California and got a chance to see many parts of the state through my racing experiences.   At that time I didn’t know there was a world of cycling open to anyone over 25.  I came back to the sport when the Velo Sports Center velodrome opened.  Needing a chainring for my antique track bike, I came to Pasadena, left with a chainring and a new house.   The majestic San Gabriel mountains quickly became my stomping (or, rather, peddling) grounds and I can often be found there.  I’ve discovered a wonderful world open to people of all ages and strength levels that enjoy long distance events.  As a board member of PAA, I look forward to promoting this type of cycling for health and appreciation of nature and building on our community spirit within the club and within the cycling community

Francisco Chamorro

Francisco Chamorro

Family man turned racer. Captain of the 4/5 road team. You can find him at your local criterium or weekend hammer fest.

Anthony Turgman | Sponsorship Coordinator

I began cycling in 2011 to what became and on-again, off-again relationship with the saddle. Shortly after my start, I joined PAA and began riding as much as I could. But, as everyone experiences, sometimes life gets in the way and I neglected my bike for a few years, only riding intermittently. Between then and now I married my beautiful college sweetheart, purchased and renovated our first home together, welcomed our two children into the world, transitioned my career across various roles with four different companies to help accelerate my learning and started my own consulting business to help local companies thrive with the methods I’ve learned along my journey. I felt it was time to get back on the saddle and get involved with the community any way I could. Even though life gets in the way, I want to make sure I stay engaged with PAA and my own fitness goals. Currently I am focused on building my endurance and hitting the hills as much as possible.

Conor Jones

Conor Jones

I grew up in the quaint town of Carmel Valley CA and moved to LA in 2012 to begin a career as a composer for film and tv. It’s a great gig, but an almost entirely sedentary one where I often find myself alone for hours to days at a time. After not riding for a number of years and taking a hard look at my gut, I got back into the sport in 2016. A year and a half after getting reacquainted with the bike and building fitness I noticed the colorful PAA jersey on the Rose Bowl ride. I went to a meet and greet with the club and have enjoyed being a member ever since! While I am relatively new to the sport, cycling has become a fundamental aspect of my life. As a board member I look forward to assisting and expanding PAA’s club supported rides, the endurance team, and our race team.

Sigi Caldera

I have definitely always owned a bike of some sort for as long as I can remember. But, I did not know how much I love to cycle until I bought my first real road bike, a Bianchi, and explored the San Gabriel Mountains about 6 years ago. After meeting some great ladies from PAA, I quickly joined and became involved helping to shape our lovely Women on Wheels group, also known as WoW. As a board member, I am very committed to reaching out to the wider community and invite women, in particular, to join in the excitement of cycling and learn, ride, explore, stay fit, and mostly have fun together.