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Summer of Love 2024 - FAQ
By Dennis McCullough
Posted: 2024-06-01T18:19:00Z



Glendale Amtrak Station 

400 West Cerritos Avenue

Glendale, CA 91204


Garden Street Lot 

9 Garden St

Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Check-in: 6:15 AM

Final instructions: 6:45 AM

ROLL: 7:00 AM


Optional Climbing Route:


Rancho Santa Susana Community Park (33.4 mile)

5005 E Los Angeles Ave

Simi Valley, CA 93063


Nancy Bush Park (57 mile)

1150 Bradford Ave

Camarillo, CA 93010


Rincon Beach County Park (88.9 mile)

Carpinteria, CA 93105


Bag Check/ What to Bring/ Keeping Bag in Santa Barbara?

When you check in the morning, you may leave a bag with a change of clothes for Santa Barbara. What to pack?

  • Comfy shoes to wander around Santa Barbara
  • A light layer for the train as it may be chilly on Amtrak
  • Shorts/pants/sundress to get out of your chamois

You will retrieve your bag from the U-Haul Truck when you arrive in Santa Barbara. DO NOT give it back to the driver once you change. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for carrying it on the train and back to Glendale.

Where Can I Change Clothes?

There is no PAA sponsored shower or bathroom. But, you may use the beach to rinse off, and public restrooms around town or restaurant bathrooms you choose to patronize.



If you cannot go, you have until Sunday, June 30th, to cancel on the PAA website (on the SOL event page - you must be logged in to your account) first, then email for a full refund.

Please allow 2 days for our treasurer to process your refund. You will get an acknowledgment via email. If you do not get an acknowledgment, please check to make sure you addressed the email correctly.


What to Expect When You Arrive in the Morning at Glendale Train Station?

Bag Sorting

When you arrive at the start, for ease of bag sorting, let us know if you are:

Red - estimating 6 hour or faster ride

Blue - 6 to 8 hour ride

Green - 8 hour + ride

We will use these colors of masking tape to mark your bags, to make the sorting more efficient.

What Time Will be Heading out of Santa Barbara Back to Glendale?

The Amtrak Train 794 departs Santa Barbara at 6:50 pm; we ask all PAA riders to meet at the platform at 6:30 pm as we need to board as one group per Amtrak rules.

Is My Amtrak Ticket through PAA Flexible on Time? Can I Ride an Earlier or Later Train?

Your ticket is not flexible. Your ticket purchased at registration is ONLY for the 6:50 p.m. train on July 13.

I Can’t Attend the Ride, Can I Sell/Give my Registration to Someone Else?

  • Please email the SOL coordinator (Jeremiah) and he will put you in touch with someone on the waitlist.
  • You and the waitlisted person must advise the SOL coordinator by EOD Monday (July 8) before the ride, so they can update your name on the sign-in sheet, whereby you will sign a physical waiver the morning of the ride.
  • The waitlist person must sign the waiver.
  • The train E-ticket name cannot be changed, so the waitlist persons take the risk of riding under another name if the conductor asks for ID. That is your assumed risk, and you may be asked to step off the train or fined.

I Missed the Registration Deadline, is There a Waitlist?

See the question above.

I Missed the Registration Deadline and I Can't Buy a Registration from Someone Else, Can I Still Register?


This is My First Century. How Should I Prepare for the Ride?

  • Make sure you've trained for this ride and can make the 103 miles. There are no roving SAG drivers on course to rescue you. If you have a spouse, partner or friend, please make sure they're aware to come pick you up, if you can't make it.
  • Get your bike serviced well before the ride - you don't want to break down 60 miles from the finish.
  • You need to carry all your food supplies, drinks, flat kit, etc. The two SAG stops + lunch are to supplement your needs.


Can I Take More Food From the SAG Stops Than I Might Need for the Ride?

No! We ask you not to take more food than you need at each stop, as you’re taking food away from the riders behind you. We have enough food for the amount of riders we have registered. And this goes for all our rides, not just Summer of Love.

Will I be Standing on the Train?

Amtrak has been known to oversell the train, and there is a risk you may not have a seat. PAA has no control over this.


How Crowded Will the Train Be?

Amtrak has announced there will be no checked baggage on this train, which means the train will be more crowded with other passengers’ baggage as they will have to carry on instead of checking. 

What Will The Weather Be On the Ride?

Download: Epic Ride Weather provides personalized weather forecasts that take into account your speed and location, combining multiple forecasts to give you a precise projection of weather for the duration of your ride.

Expect it to be hot and windy and when it's not, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Can I Bring Other Items than My Bag on the Truck?

We ask that you only bring a small bag with your clothing in it. You will be responsible for your bag after the ride, it will not go back on the truck.

Are There Any Areas of the Route I Should be Concerned About?

Safety is our main concern, as always helmets are REQUIRED.

After the lunch stop on Crestview Ave at mile 58.8, after you pass the golf course and start to head down the hill, stay to the left of the shoulder as it's in the shade, with large raised root bumps. It's impossible to see them. Our Lunch Stop crew will mark the road with tape where to avoid these bumps.