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PAA Challenge Winners
Francisco Chamorro
Published on: 9/8/2020
The PAA Monthly Challenges are a great way for the club to keep active and engaged. See what our challenge winners have to say about these.
Race Report: Kent Hammond's Cyclecross Wrapup
Published on: 1/6/2020
Lakewood, Washington (25 miles south of Seattle) offered a cyclocross paradise with cool temperatures, endless rain, ankle deep mud, twisty descents, and two massive run ups.
Pedaler's Fork Report
Published on: 11/23/2019
I wrote up today’s trip to Calabasas-Westlake. See attached PDF. I’ll be doing more over the winter months, maybe even some mid-week rides. Lots of roads to explore!

Mike Lee - End of Season Race Report
Published on: 8/5/2019
My 2019 road race season ended before I knew it. Looking at the rest of the year, I realized the reality of my working life and the sparse upcoming race calendar had conspired to commit me to an early off season. I had been waiting for the perfect, most exciting race moment to immortalize in a race report, but since that hope has been dashed, here are some of my thoughts on the year so far.
CA MTB State Championship Race
Published on: 7/21/2019
PAA racer Sean McGill reports on his 2nd place finish at the Cranks & Crafts State Championship MTB race.
Carson City Off Road, June 28, 2019
Published on: 7/1/2019
Carson City Off Road is part of the "Epic Rides" series of events; 50mile mountain bike races where 1000+ competitors and a bunch of the best pro's in the world ride some of the country's best trails as part of an overall bike racing experience like no other.
Race Report: Cat 3 Big Bear XC
Published on: 6/24/2019
Although it was the last race in this seasons CA mountain bike series, it was Peter Dixon and I’s first time racing mountain bikes. Not as early as the low category road races, we were treated to a 2 mile climb to get to the starting line by 10 am. This climb warmed up the legs nicely and gave a preview of the fire road climbing that started the race.
7th Annual Tour de Sponsors 2019 ride!
Published on: 5/10/2019
We celebrated PAA club sponsors on 7th annual Tour de Sponsors 2019 club ride and Cinco de Mayo lunch on Sunday, 5/5/19.
Redlands Downtown Criterium Race Report
Published on: 4/1/2019
One benefit of waking at 4am to go racing is the lack of traffic. Heading east to Redlands from Pasadena, the roads were so empty you may have wondered if there was some sort of apocalyptic event you were unaware of in the night. Maybe it was just the coffee hitting my nerves.
Santa Barbara Country Road Race | Race Report
Published on: 2/23/2019
The first race of the season is always a tough one. You want to go in with low expectations because usually off season training has not been as fast as you wanted and you are coming in heavy if you did the december holidays correctly. For a couple of us, Mike Lee, Peter Dixon and myself we decided to shake off the cobwebs with Santa Barbara Country Road Race.